Open Clinical Trials and Studies

This page lists clinical trials and studies that are open to new patients. Follow the links if you’d like more information to see if you might want to apply to join the trial.

UK Achilles PRP Study
A multi-center placebo-controlled randomized trial comparing platelet rich plasma (PRP) to placebo injection in adults with Achilles tendon pain. Study runs from June 2016 to January 2019.

AIS Oral Collagen Supplementation Study (Achilles Tendinopathy)
The AIS (an Australian high performance sports agency) is conducting a study on the effectiveness of collagen supplementation in combination with eccentric training in patients with Achilles tendinopathy. “We’re looking for participants with more than 2 months of Achilles tendon pain to trial a new oral collagen-based treatment and test new imaging modalities (MRI + Ultrasound).” If you live in Australia and are interested, the contact email is

Replicel Cell Therapy Clinical Trial (Achilles Tendinosis)
Replicel is still accepting new patients to study the use of its new cell therapy in treating Achilles tendinosis/tendinopathy. If you have had Achilles tendinosis/tendinopathy for over 6 months and are interested in being in the clinical trial, you can follow the link for more information.

Echometrix Testing of Ultrasound Imaging System (Tennis Elbow)
The Echometrix Facebook page has posted about needing volunteers to help with developing their new ultrasound diagnostic tool. “Echometrix is seeking subjects in the Madison, WI area with a tennis elbow diagnosis. If you have tennis elbow and would like to participate in a test that will help advance our product development, please send an email to”

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